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1) Waterworld Deep Sea Screensaver (demo)
The Deep Sea Sceensaver is far better than most free aquarium screen savers we've come across. This GizmoZone Sceensaver takes us though a 3D underwater world full of fish, sharks, jellyfish and more. (735 KB)
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2) Organic Art Screensaver
Watch as organic objects grow and swirl across your screen. Screensaver features 23 "subjects" and allows you to choose which are displayed.
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3) Living Beaches Screen Saver
With this free Living Beaches screen saver you can turn every day into a summer getaway. Realistic water and animated scenes transport you to your own tropical water wonderland.
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4) GizmoZone Screensaver
Travel through the GizmoZone 3D world. Features high quality 3D graphics and and a CD quality sound track, all packed into an incredibly small file size. (100 KB)
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5) Distant Planets Screensaver
Generates a series of random, imaginary planets. No prerendered images are used, all images are generated on the fly. (52KB)
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